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ActionNow! was founded by community leaders to help local residents prevent, delay, or control diabetes and its serious consequences.

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The ActionNow! Community Diabetes Prevention and Control coalition began in the fall of 2003 at the initiative of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department and other community leaders including health, education, and business partners determined to defend our community against diabetes, a chronic disease that is rising dramatically. Also, diabetes is costly both in terms of human suffering and in terms of the economic burden to the community.


Our purpose is to address the concerns of the growing number of people with diabetes in Lincoln and Lancaster County and to prevent as many people as possible from developing the disease in the first place.


The coalition began with three main diabetes prevention subgroups:

  1. Prevention
  2. Risk Assessment and Referral
  3. Treatment and Management


Each group works on ways to help prevent, delay, and control diabetes. Ad hoc groups continue to form and dissolve as needs are identified and resolved.



The goals of the ActionNow! coalition are (1) to inform the community about the risk of developing diabetes and to bring attention to things that can be done to help prevent, delay, or control it; (2) to screen the citizenry for those who might have diabetes but don’t know it, so they can get early diagnosis and treatment to help prevent complications; and (3) to ensure that those who already have diabetes are receiving education and treatment so that their diabetes is controlled at the best possible level.



Membership consists of people from a wide variety of organizations including the community’s hospital-based diabetes education programs; local city, county, and state health departments; area schools, colleges, and university staff; nurses and dietitians; diabetic educators; and interested citizens. The composition of the coalition is constantly changing as more individuals and organizations learn of our work and join us.


We welcome all who are interested to join by either contacting us or by attending any meeting that is announced in the coalition minutes.


Contact Information


Partners and Their Affiliations

ActionNow! is a community-based coalition that includes concerned citizens and the following health, education, and business partners determined to defend our community from diabetes that threatens to bankrupt the health of our populous.

Hot Links for Coalition Partners

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