About Us

Diabetes rates in the nation are increasing right along with obesity and sedentary lifestyles. In the nation and in Lancaster County, Nebraska, one-third of newborns are at risk for developing diabetes in their lifetime. Diabetes can lead to blindness, stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, and other serious health problems.

Choices you make every day will impact your chances of developing diabetes—and of living a healthier life even if you already have diabetes.


ActionNow! Community Diabetes Prevention and Control is a local public education outreach program designed to help prevent diabetes by promoting healthy lifestyle choices that can help you prevent diabetes and lead a longer and healthier life.


Diabetes prevention means:


  • Eating right – EAT HEALTHY!
  • Getting needed physical activity – MOVE MORE!
  • Increasing awareness of what contributes to developing diabetes so that you can take action – KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!


Taking action now means doing all you can to get diabetes-related numbers, such as blood glucose (sugar), blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol, where they should be for optimal health. Prevention efforts are rewarding and possible. You can do it! We can help!